January 11, 2015

Two Ducks, One Mic with Jim Malliard

Happy New year! In the news we have The Life After Death Society disbanding, Project Ghost-Bro announced, mysterious Legos washing up on beaches, microbial life signs on mars and a stinky death fog over Seattle that is all Thomas Jane's Fault! Then I am joined by Jim Malliard, host of the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, The Malliard report! We talk paranormal standards, about a plethora of paranormal topics(UFOs, Bigfoot, Astrology,etc) and in a moment of pure hilarity, I get him to sing a line from frozen and do his best Zak Bagans impression(if you are a long time listener of Jim, this is worth the download alone). Informative, funny and a hell of a way to kick of 2015! Lets get quackin'!

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