June 1, 2020

Episode 92: Hollywood Psychic Michael Bodine


Paranormal News: Dan Aykroyd’s new "Haunted Hotels" show, Sex-dolls watching Korean soccer players score and a rampaging herd of cows terrorizes a city.

Cryptid Corner: Chupacabra sucks the blood out of the cryptid corner this show! We delve into the lore and data the backs up the existence of this bizarre creature.

Dr.Laura’s Lair: Dr. Laura returns and takes a break from fighting the good fight on the front line of Covid 19 to teach us all about furry little heroes called “Hero Shrews”. These little guys are insanely tough, just like our front-line workers. 


Special Guest:  "Hollywood Psychic" MICHAEL BODINE

Michael was young when he discovered his psychic abilities. He spent his childhood studying with established psychics and going to “psychic camp” (somewhat reluctantly) to gain a greater understanding of his gifts. Through the loving support of his mother, Mae, he was able to mature in his practice, while staying true to his own creative style.

Michael has been a professional psychic for more than thirty-five  years, giving readings, performing ghost bustings, and speaking at events and conventions. His clients range from celebrities like Melanie Griffith and Gary Busey, to financiers and dog walkers.

His book, Growing Up Psychic: From Skeptic to Believer, chronicles his life and path of coming to terms with his gifts.  He is currently working on his second book and writes a weekly column for Tru.Magazine.









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