March 1, 2020

Episode 87: More Truth about the New World Order





Paranormal News with Jon Mallard: Ghost Hunters TV show promises "indisputable proof" in new season, demonic screams at McDonald's, an Egyptian Ouija board, fast burst radio signals, scientist "sure" that Jupiter's moon Europa has life. ice making weird sounds and Giant Hunters causing issues.

Words for your consideration with Betty Collins: Betty gives a mishmash to welcome the month of march. With spring approaching, Betty talks about "paddy's day", Julius Caesar and how March is the month "why" and how you can get the answer to any question by sitting quietly and meditating on it. 

Dr. Laura's Lair: Laura talks about a fascinating little creature that lives inside Salmon and doesn't breath air. This "evolutionary anomaly" shows that not everything in the realm of science makes sense and that the real world is just as weird as the fantastical. 

Cryptid Corner with Bryan Bowden: Grab your shillelagh and lucky charms! Bryan is talking all about Leprechauns, where they originated and what to do if you come across one.

Guest Interview: Dina Rae returns to the show exactly three years later to catch up on all things New World Order. An old friend of the show, Dina digs right in and gives updates on the New World Order's agenda and how we are getting closer to a one world government. Justin Trudeau's "grouping" of "all Canadiens", Trump being "Anti-N.W.O." and it being one of the reasons he is attacked so much in the media, depopulation and bio-weapons. Dina also has a new book out called "Crowns and Cabals: An Apocalyptic Tale of the New World order "

You can download the book here:


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