February 1, 2020

Episode 84: My Psychic Valentine


Paranormal News with Jon Odd Than (00:06:23) This month’s paranormal news has Ogopogo filmed, the doomsday clock predicting our imminent death, a possessed Disney Princess doll terrorizing a family and more research on the Giant squid has revealed a scary intelligence behind those massive eyes!

Cryptid Corner with Sir Bryan Bowden (00:23:35) Oh it is Valentines on Cryptid Corner and Bryan is completely love struck with info on Succubus and Monster “porn”. Yes, I just wrote that. No! I am not changing it. “Taken by the T-Rex” is a God damned masterpiece and you all need to know about this. Wear a rubber for this one.

Words for your consideration with Betty Collins (00:29:16) Betty talks about our place on the calendar and the massive snowstorm that buried Newfoundland this month. Thankfully, she also gives us a Mid-winter Meditation to help us through our “Hibernation” month.

Interview with Mary Beth Wrenn (00:52:17) Mary Beth is a professional psychic and spiritual medium with over 30 years’ experience. She offers highly detailed & accurate psychic readings through a range of clairvoyance & clairaudience. Her specialty is tuning into your auric field and communicating to your loved ones on the Other Side.  She offers guidance to all her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

When you schedule your psychic reading with Mary Beth you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance.

Yes! Jonny gets a reading! No! Jonny didn’t sleep for a week after because it was really friggen' creepy!






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