January 1, 2020

Episode 83: The Mysterious Nomoli of Sierra Leone


Paranormal News: 00:07:17 Predictions for 2020 by Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, a ghost caught on baby monitor, a real life Pennywise faces five years in prison, Greta Thunburg is a time traveller and our DNA lifespans revealed.

Dr. Laura's Lair: 00:27:18 Time to take 2019 out behind the shed and put a bullet in it! Laura rings in the New Year with an in depth look at Rabies and why this bizarre Viral infection is still killing today. You might just foam at the mouth after this terrifying instalment of Dr. Laura's Lair.

Words of Wisdom: 00:36:42 Oracle Betty talks the energy of 2020 and how the age of Aquarius is still upon us. She dissects the timeless song and what is discovered is a fascinating real life love letter to the sixties and beyond.

Cryptid Corner: 00:57:48 In its surprise debut , the lovable and funny Sir Bryan Bowden talks about recent Cryptid news and events from around the world. A former guest and all around Cryptid nut, we are honoured to have this kind and knowledgeable man join us for our monthly shenanigans from this point on.



Ben Vonderheid joins us for a fascinating look at the mysterious Nomoli statues of Sierra Leone. Affectionately known as “Nomoli Ben”, Mr. Vonderheid is a wealth of knowledge about these incredible statues of supposed alien origin. Ben has been on many radio shows and is well known for guest starring on the iconic “Ancient Aliens” TV show with one single purpose: Bring the truth and healing magic of the Nomoli to the world. A soft spoken family man with a heart of kindness that beats for the mystical, you'll love his take on the statues and their incredible powers.


Please check out Ben's work here: http://www.ancientalienstones.com/



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