November 1, 2019

Episode 81: Family Spirits




Paranormal News: 00:13:58 Parallel universe you(s), Beds of nails record broken, Bigfoot caught on audio and a man who truly spoke from beyond the grave.

Words for your consideration with Betty Collins: 00:27:24 I give thanks every time I see and hear from my crazy aunt Betty! This month, she’s talks gratitude and attitude, I would be grateful if you would give this heart warming piece a listen.

Dr. Laura’s Lair: 00:52:35 Doctor Laura Returns with an in depth delve into a miracle we all take for granted: Penicillin. Although a mundane part of our lives, the history of the incredible drug is very interesting and directly linked to the war. A fitting tribute to the troops from our resident mad doctor.  

Guest-Bobby J. Gallo: 01:11:08 From pioneering the art of paranormal investigation in the 90's, to the creation of an award winning web-series. Join Bobby J Gallo of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters on this amazing episode as we pay homage to our people in uniform by talking haunted military type investigations. He’s part of the "All-American Family" who can capture paranormal evidence like the television para-celebs and all but prove that ghosts exist!

If you love the paranormal, you need to read the book Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters. If you are a skeptic who doesn't believe in ghosts, this book may change the way you view the supernatural forever. There’s a foreword by world-renowned author and paranormal researcher, Fiona Broome as well. Download here:


Special Shout-outs and thank yous to Downhome Magazine, Jerry Russell and Geek's Public house and Podbean. 



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