September 1, 2019

Episode 74: When a Demon Growls…

Paranormal News: 00:11:10  Storm area 51 becomes "Alienstock", a new Loch Ness sighting and a date for a possible explanation released, babies becoming werewolves, monkey men/women are possible.

Dr.Laura's Lair: 00:25:40 Laura talks about the giant squid or Kraken and its ties to Newfoundland.

Words for your consideration with Betty Collins: 00:34:11 Betty talks about autumn colours, everything fall and how it affects us spiritually. 


Representing Canada's Most Haunted, our special guest this month is Michelle Desrochers: 00:56:46 Director, Senior Field Researcher,  International Public Figure, Researcher of Unknown Phenomenon, Medium, Event Coordinator, TV-Radio Host, Paranormal Media and Case Consultant, International Events Liason for Canada's Most Haunted(CMH), CMH Media Representative, International Film.

Michelle is best known for her work on Haunted Case Files, Paranormal Survivor, My Worst Nightmare and a new show premiering soon called My Paranormal Nightmare. A brave soul with a kind heart, we have an incredible conversation about many things concerning paranormal investigation. I truly feel when she speaks about "when a demon growls" at one point in the show, her gift of being calm in the storm shines through for all to see and hear.



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