August 1, 2019

Episode 73: Spiritual Lifeguard



Paranormal News: (00:05:00) Rochester Cathedral’s indoor Crazy Mini Golf, Child loses 503 teeth and Area 51 Stormers.

Dr.Laura’s Lair: (00:13:00) 50 years later, Dr. Laura Delves into the Moon Landing and why it is not a hoax.

Words of Wisdom: (00:23:08) Betty Collin’s summery backyard sounds as beautiful as this message of hope from her. Summer isn’t almost over, summer is a glass half full!

Guest Interview: (00:44:12) The Spiritual Lifeguard Joey Dèva featuring Krista Lankswert

 Joey has 29 years of experience in everything spiritual. Throughout his early childhood, Joey had alien encounters of the fourth kind with what he believed to be his origin family. He was raised Catholic in a stable family. As a young adult, nearing the age of 20 Joey had an interest in seminary, yet was uncertain about his life’s path so he joined the military.

While living in Germany in the Army, he unknowingly had an encounter with a person well versed in black magic, who caused him to become sick with a mystery illness. Like many others with mystery illness today, he sought help to resolve this. Through a series of synchronicities, Joey encountered three spiritual masters during the course of one year, each sharing specific teaching which put him on his path to wellness and empowerment.

After a return stateside, Joey began having extraterrestrial contact of the fourth kind during the early to mid-1990’s leading to direct contact of the fifth kind from then, forward. The information shared from this experience is the basis of techniques of the Apprenticeship MasterClass (AMC). All of the advanced expertise and clear insights Joey has acquired is through the four types of akashic records we all have access to. Through self-reflection, Joey has detailed every level of his path to assist others in awakening to their own apprenticeship using the philosophy that was shared with him which he includes in his 300 plus pages of the apprenticeship handbook.

At the beginning of the AMC, Joey utilizes The Shadow Self a.k.a. The Divine Feminine as our natural energetic experience that is free from ego of our body, soul, and memory. The beginning of this path is to be on our most individual level what we were when we first separated from Source on the highest level. This opens the door to self-realization; the light and the way within.

In 2013 during an operation for an acute health issue, Joey went to the white light and returned as a walk-in as his higher self. This event dramatically boosted Joey’s awareness of the divine spirit for self-healing, awakening a deeper understanding of why illness happens from emotional, spiritual, and psychic issues. He still continues rising in his own ascension process and considers himself a master student that is constantly learning which each higher level he accesses.

Along with a foundation of techniques shared during his E.T. contact, Joey uses a combination of Shamanism, Druidism, and Hermetics to help others understand their limitless potential while navigating this path.

When choosing a path of study or advancement of our spiritual awakening it is important to understand the level of transformation we are seeking, and it is just as important to know the potential spiritual guide we could be working with.

The big choices are studying channeled information, past information of sciences or philosophy, or with a current master who has personally achieved everything themselves offering to guide you on the same path yourself. Regardless of the choice, full disclosure should be offered upfront. On your part, question everything you could be learning and your guide/teacher should be able to explain every question you could have with clarity and depth, as well offering additional techniques of expertise they have learned along the way as a bonus to your own skillset.

All are invited for a free Zoom audit under the Apprenticeship Tab to get a live feel for Joey’s expertise on a topic of the day, along with his vast wisdom to address any spiritual issues or concerns in your life with real results now. Joey’s old school feel yet advanced approach to meditation, psychic abilities, and energy healing are expressed in articles on his site

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