November 1, 2018

Episode 61: Precognition and Remote Viewing





Paranormal News: Purple Aliens, Thor's Hammer, Antartica's singing and making square icebergs and a restaurant haunting caught on tape.

In it's first installment, Doctor Laura's Lair drops a dirty bomb on us by talking about the first use of bio-weapons in history and the various forms of plague. *Warning graphic content*

Advice from the Oracle has Betty bringing us through a beautiful reflection about Remembrance Day and how we can honor our troops, alive and not.

Then, we have Marty Rosenblatt join us to talk about Precognition and Remote Viewing. The Applied Precognition Project's mission is to publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future event outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness. Marty just so happens to be the president of this incredible project and has some belief shaking stories(with statistical data to back it up) that would make even the most skeptical person scratch their head.

To learn more about Marty and the APP, visit their site:


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