September 1, 2018

Episode 58: Demons and Familiars

September is here! In the Paranormal news we have a giant squid, proof of a pre-existing universe to ours and your future holographic wife. The MUFON minute talks about a recent end of summer sighting and Advice from the Oracle is on the topic of souls. Oddities then explores the ten most haunted colleges and dorms in America. 

Then I am joined by Melinda Lyons to talk about Demons and Familiars. The Last Frontier Medium has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to:

  • Earth Bound Spirits

  • Poltergeists

  • Curses

  • Infestation & Oppression

  • Influence & Possession

  • Paranormal Activity Signs

  • Astral Realm attacks

I really enjoyed our conversation and some of her stories are chilling. I am sure you will as well. You can check out Melinda's work here: and be sure to pick up a copy of her book Demons and Familiars:A Contemporary Guide of Demonology


Shout outs this show:

Steve Lake and Shannon of the Whostorian

Doug Croft(and friends)and his upcoming local event featuring Wrestling legend Mick Foley

Garnet Schulhauser

Cindy Sauer

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