August 1, 2018

Episode 57: Behind The Cosmic Veil with Thomas P. Fusco





The latest episode of The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has landed on the bug zapper and is here to stay! In the paranormal news we have what Saturn "sounds" like, the last radio transmissions of Amelia Earhart and a “ghost” caught on a game camera. This month's MUFON minute with Laura Gilbert has your sighting stats and a strange report. Oddities highlight's bizarre but true facts about August. We are also proud to announce a new segment called "Wisdom of the Oracle" with former guest Betty Collins. 

Then, I am joined by a person I truly look up to and respect. Unbeknownst to him, his teachings and ideas have been by my side in the field of the paranormal for many years and have come to my aide when dealing with the toughest questions from the most narrow-minded individuals. To this day, his theory of Supergeometry and how paranormal experiences may be explained by changing the current model of how we view the world, is yet to be refuted. His book, Behind The Cosmic Veil, is an absolute masterpiece and a must read for anybody who has outgrown the fascination of certain phenomena existing, and is ready to start tackling the how and why. My guest is Thomas P. Fusco and if you read his book it will change how you think the world works.


Learn More about Thomas P. Fusco and purchase his book here:

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