January 1, 2019

*Bonus* Episode 66: Dr. Laura’s Lair dissects Weight Loss Myths

Dr. Laura's Lair has been quite the hit since it debuted a few months ago. With a longer installment and her first solo episode, Dr. Laura tackles another sticky science: Weight Loss Myths. Debunking cleanses and other weight loss myths, this could be some valuable scientific information for anybody out there trying to drop a few pounds this New Year. 

"Laura, my odd little life is so much better with you and your amazing husband Matt in it. This episode is so deserved for your perseverance and patience with regards to releasing content for my listeners. I know your struggles and yet, here we are, years later and still rocking it. Dr. Laura's Lair is a hit and the reason is quite simple: Dr. Laura brings out the weird and the fun side of science. It is her heart on display and everybody keeps subscribing".

-Jonathan Mallard


This is one of three episodes released in celebration of the New Year! Check them all out!



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