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This episode was recorded live in front of a small audience at Marjorie Mews Public Library in St.John's, Newfoundland. Personal accounts, popular books, family ghost stories and pop culture urban legends fill this special episode of The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast.

"To all of those who attended, thank you so much for your support and I hope to hear from you next year at the same event!"









Paranormal News: Purple Aliens, Thor's Hammer, Antartica's singing and making square icebergs and a restaurant haunting caught on tape.

In it's first installment, Doctor Laura's Lair drops a dirty bomb on us by talking about the first use of bio-weapons in history and the various forms of plague. *Warning graphic content*

Advice from the Oracle has Betty bringing us through a beautiful reflection about Remembrance Day and how we can honor our troops, alive and not.

Then, we have Marty Rosenblatt join us to talk about Precognition and Remote Viewing. The Applied Precognition Project's mission is to publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future event outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness. Marty just so happens to be the president of this incredible project and has some belief shaking stories(with statistical data to back it up) that would make even the most skeptical person scratch their head.

To learn more about Marty and the APP, visit their site:


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In this special bonus episode, our beloved Betty Collins guides us through a Halloween meditation. Listen to this before bed and you will have no Halloween nightmares, only sweet candy dreams and relaxed skeletons.

*Warning!Sleep inducing!Do not listen while driving!* 



Halloween Special 2018 is here!


On this episode, I chat about meeting wrestling legend Mick Foley on his Hell in a Cell tour across Canada. In the Paranormal news we have legal vampires sucking blood, SETI picking up 72 potential communications from outer space, a haunted highway in England and Ouija Board attack that shut down a school. Laura reviews a Skin Walker Ranch film on the MUFON minute and Betty talks about our souls one last time during Advice from the Oracle. Oddities covers strange but true facts that happened during the production of "The Exorcist".


Then, I am joined by a man who has had many accolades and is overflowing with talents and gifts. His famous sculpture of Jesus is featured in the iconic Ripley's Believe it or not books. He is the New York Times Bestselling author of "How to Get Dates with Beautiful Women". But, all of this could not prepare him for a real encounter with a Demon. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you not to stare at the Demon head in the podcast art for too long because it is mesmerizing and disturbing. Of course he drew it if you are wondering! John Eagan's story is chilling, and will make anybody's Halloween scarier. Why? Because the Devil is real and he is plotting to get your soul!


Check out John's Books and famous sculpture here:


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September is here! In the Paranormal news we have a giant squid, proof of a pre-existing universe to ours and your future holographic wife. The MUFON minute talks about a recent end of summer sighting and Advice from the Oracle is on the topic of souls. Oddities then explores the ten most haunted colleges and dorms in America. 

Then I am joined by Melinda Lyons to talk about Demons and Familiars. The Last Frontier Medium has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to:

  • Earth Bound Spirits

  • Poltergeists

  • Curses

  • Infestation & Oppression

  • Influence & Possession

  • Paranormal Activity Signs

  • Astral Realm attacks

I really enjoyed our conversation and some of her stories are chilling. I am sure you will as well. You can check out Melinda's work here: and be sure to pick up a copy of her book Demons and Familiars:A Contemporary Guide of Demonology


Shout outs this show:

Steve Lake and Shannon of the Whostorian

Doug Croft(and friends)and his upcoming local event featuring Wrestling legend Mick Foley

Garnet Schulhauser

Cindy Sauer






The latest episode of The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has landed on the bug zapper and is here to stay! In the paranormal news we have what Saturn "sounds" like, the last radio transmissions of Amelia Earhart and a “ghost” caught on a game camera. This month's MUFON minute with Laura Gilbert has your sighting stats and a strange report. Oddities highlight's bizarre but true facts about August. We are also proud to announce a new segment called "Wisdom of the Oracle" with former guest Betty Collins. 

Then, I am joined by a person I truly look up to and respect. Unbeknownst to him, his teachings and ideas have been by my side in the field of the paranormal for many years and have come to my aide when dealing with the toughest questions from the most narrow-minded individuals. To this day, his theory of Supergeometry and how paranormal experiences may be explained by changing the current model of how we view the world, is yet to be refuted. His book, Behind The Cosmic Veil, is an absolute masterpiece and a must read for anybody who has outgrown the fascination of certain phenomena existing, and is ready to start tackling the how and why. My guest is Thomas P. Fusco and if you read his book it will change how you think the world works.


Learn More about Thomas P. Fusco and purchase his book here:



Celebrating 4 years of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast! This month's paranormal news has a Loch Ness monster video, a time traveler, a man who attended his own wake and a robot psychopath! This is followed by Oddities and a Bigfoot themed MUFON minute Laura to celebrate our very special guest, Bigfoot researcher William Jevning. With countless books, podcasts, radio interviews and even TV appearances, William is a seasoned veteran of almost 40 years when it comes to Bigfoot tracking and research. He has learned from some of the most prolific in the field and does not shy away from some of the hardest questions all people in the field have to face such as "where's the body?" To the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast, William Jevning is an authority on the subject of Sasquatch and a must listen for all fans of the show whether you are a Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti fan!


Check out his work here:

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Hey June bugs! The latest episode has arrived of the Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast! In the paranormal news we have the audio phenomenon of Yanny vs Laurel, an up close and personal bigfoot sighting and Loch Ness Monster DNA testing. The MUFON minute has landed once more and we have a special Father's Day Oddities that will be better than any old lame tie you might get . Then, I am joined by Dean McMurray, The Military Psychic. He talks about his time in the military serving overseas, his psychic abilities and how he now serves humanity in a different capacity. 


Check out Dean's site here:

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Spring has sprung and the latest episode of The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has arrived. In the paranomal news we have the passing of Art Bell, exploding ass-ants and Uranus smells like every joke we ever cracked about it. The MUFON minute talks about Stanton Friedman officially retiring and this month's Oddities is for all the mother's out there as we explore 10 strange Mother's day facts. Then, I am joined by Lorna Adams, a psychic/afterlife communicator. She talks about her gift, how it works and gives me a reading that is rather unsettling but accurate. She pulls no punches as she describes how spirit communicates through her and how my future is completely up in the air!


Check out her work here:




Bonus Wrestling themed episode featuring Travis Canning from New Evolution Wrestling. We chat about current local wrestling/wrestlers here in Newfoundland, the evolution of wrestling over the last two decades here, weigh in on major match outcomes from Wrestlemania 34 and about NEW Republic Rumble which will be live from the CLB Armoury April 20th featuring Joey Mercury. This is a special treat for local wrestling fans so don't be affraid to show some love and comment, share and subscribe.


Shout outs and mentions:

Psycho Mitch, Brandon Hynes, Blake Maxwell


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Happy Easter from The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast!

This month's paranormal news has a world famous "Alien" specimen debunked as well as a new human organ discovered. Laura has your UFO stats for the month of March as well as a military UFO encounter in the MUFON minute. Oddities explores 10 strange Easter traditions. Then, for a record setting third time, I speak to Garnet Schulhauser about his latest book and his ongoing astral adventures. Whether he's meeting mermaids or talking to Muhammed, one of the most controversial guests in the history of the show delivers yet again in what I am sure you'll find to be a very entertaining ride.


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In the paranormal news we have John Williams' humble Newfoundland beginnings, baby thylacines and a man on poo strike. The MUFON minute has some wild stats for this month and Oddities gives us ten signs from our loved ones once they have passed on. Then, I am joined by fellow Newfoundlander, Betty Collins. She's a talented practitioner of Reiki, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, past life regression and soul genesis. This intimate conversation takes a crazy turn when she reads my Tarot cards unexpectedly and she blows me away. This episode is a love roller coaster so strap in and enjoy!


Check out Betty here:



In the Paranormal news we have Capcom giving $70,000 for proof of monsters, giant earth bound bats, an under-sea Mordor and a ghostly Monk caught on film. The MUFON minute has Laura recounting a recent experience she had, and this month's Oddities has ten strange facts about Valentine's Day. Then, I am joined by a returning guest and a true friend Kat Ward to talk about her new podcast Paranormal Heart. We chat about a wide variety of paranormal topics and have a great time.


Check out Kat's show here:




Happy New Year!

We start 2018 off with a year end review of the weirdest stories that made headlines this year. The MUFON minute delves into ancient astronaut theory and this months Oddities recaps the strangest scientific discoveries of 2017. Then, I am joined by Gary Parker to talk about a hidden message he discovered in Egypt. His incredible tale is well documented at and I recommend looking at the pictures there while you listen along to how he made his discovery, what it means for the human race and what a telepathic message he received from the stars could mean for us all. You don’t want to miss this episode if you are fan of ancient aliens and the mysteries of the great pyramids.


Special thanks to:

Midnight in the desert for allowing Gary and third parties such as myself to promote his findings via way of their site. It is such a beautiful site and makes his interview come to life.

Laura Gilbert for always being there every month with her MUFON minute.


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A Bonus episode featuring me and my daughter reading "The Christmas Guest" by Johnny Cash live in front of a crowd(original air date 2016), an interview with Dale Jarvis(original air date 2014) and Eric Altman(original air date 2016). These are some of my favorite show interviews and moments gift wrapped and sent to you as a thank you for your support in 2017. 

I hope the season brings you warm memories and lots of love. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2018!




Merry Christmas!!! This month's jolly little episode brings us gifts of flesh eating ghosts in Thailand, mysterious booms still being heard around the world and a sentient robot that wants kids? The MUFON minute recounts the time NASA spotted Santa and then we have 25 Christmas oddities that you can hang by the chimney with care! Then, I am joined by the CEO of Bioquark, a biohacking company that is doing revolutionary work in the field of health. Ira S. Pastor joins us to talk about the animal kingdom and how we are splicing our way to living longer and healthier. We cover everything from the regeneration of limbs all the way to curing cancer! It's weird and it's quite a Christmas treat, unlike that fruit cake from last Christmas that is still in your deepfreeze. You could just kidnap Santa and force him to talk about how he became immortal, but that would involve elaborate traps and planning. Why not download this show and rest easy as tonight’s guest is already working on it with his team and Bioquark!


Have a safe and joyous Holiday season everybody!

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The latest episode of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has arrived! In the paranormal news we have a new dinosaur, eerie sounds captured by NASA in space and words of wisdom from Einstein. In the MUFON minute a recent UFO sighting in St.John’s is discussed and oddities are going for a trip to the zoo with ten Odd animal facts. Then, we are discussing the paranormal and other wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff when past guest Steve Lake and his co-host Shannon Lush discuss their beloved Whostorian show and other strange stuff!


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The Halloween season is here! Halloween themed paranormal news, MUFON minute and Oddities are knocking at your door and looking for candy. Then, I am joined by Jason Britt to give his side of the story we delved into during episode 43: The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer. A former pastor, Jason has a unique perspective concerning the trial and tribulations surrounding the demonic possession of Cindy Sauer. It’s a no holds barred, belief shaking interview with two objectives: Raising awareness about exorcism and offering hope to those who may be afflicted themselves.


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Summer has come to a close, but fear not! The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast is back with paranormal news, MUFON minute and Oddities. Then, I am joined by Paratruth radio’s own Justin Cancilliere, to talk about the most paranormal force there is: God! We also chat about his new book and new projects on the horizon.

Enjoy the show!


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Episode 43 of The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast, your monthly paranormal variety show, is here to chill you to the bone on a hot summer's night! Time to go dark to contrast the brightness of the season! In the paranormal news, we talk about mysterious black vortexes in the sky, Hitler’s sunken treasure, a newly discovered sea monster and strangers in your attic! The MUFON minute brings us the most terrifying close encounters ever documented and Oddities will give you a brain building breather before our guest takes center stage. Cindy Sauer’s demonic paranormal experiences were so frightening, they were portrayed on the notorious A Haunting TV show. Spurred on by a tragic loss, her possession story is a no holds barred account of the worst-case scenario when it comes to demonic possession. Thankfully, her warrior spirit fought back and she is still fighting back the darkness to this very day. This is a cautionary tale of demons, shadow people and exorcism. This is the Possession of Cindy Sauer!


Learn more about Cindy and her story here:


Shout outs:

Judy Lemay and Haunted Canada Paranormal


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Come Celebrate 150 years of Canada and 3 years of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast!

The Canadian Odd-yssey is under way as we take a podcasting road trip across Canada and talk about some of the legends and folklore of the North! This podcast highlights the paranormal of each province and features:


The Giant Squid- Newfoundland and Labrador

The Shag Harbor UFO- Nova Scotia

The Haunted Mansion- Prince Edward Island

The Lake Utopia Monster- New Brunswick

Loup-Garou -Quebec

The Jackalope- Ontario

Manipogo- Manitoba

Qalupalik- Nunavut

St. Louis Ghost Train- Saskatchewan

Wendigo- Northwest Territories

Ghost Bride- Alberta

Sasquatch- British Columbia

The Dawson City Ghost Town- Yukon


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June is here and summer is just around the corner! We have an empty mail bag, Marilyn Monroe linked to the UFO phenomenon and a narwhal mystery solved. Laura drops in for the longest MUFON minute to date and Oddities this month will have you buying extra bug spray. Then I am joined by Debbie A Anderson to chat about vibrational energy, her specific type of mediumship and her Oracle decks she uses with clients. This show is like spring cleaning for the soul.


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May is here and we have the biggest mail bag to pick through to date, the paranormal news has dinosaur eggs and pictures of dark matter, the MUFON minute celebrates one year on the show and the Oddities this month will have you burning your mattress! Then, I am joined by Tana Hoy to talk about the process of receiving information from spirit guides, predicting the Oklahoma city bombing and he even gives me a shocking reading and reveals one of my safe guarded secrets live on air. It was such a fun show this month!

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In the paranormal news we celebrate Wrestlemania with the ghosts of pro wrestling, we jump into the pink ectoplasm in Alberta and a prehistoric mushroom trip. The MUFON minute takes on Easter and this month’s oddities are weirder than ever. Then, we get a dose of comfort from Heather Criswell as she explains how we all can receive help from the other side in our everyday lives.


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March is here as well as the latest episode of The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast! In the paranormal news, we have Atlantis Rising, Leprechauns from 1974, a Goblin chasing kids and scientists finally solving an age-old problem that has plagued humanity for far too long. The MUFON Minute goes a little Irish in observance of St. Patrick’s Day and you won’t believe what we are breathing in after you hear this month’s Oddities! Then, we are joined by conspiracy expert Dina Rae. Beware the ides of March as the truth about the New World Order will be revealed!


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Shout Outs: Paratruth Radio, Pazuzu’s Haunted Toaster and the Malliard Report.



Your Creepy Valentine has arrived! In the paranormal news, we have giant lasers, giant otters and a giant Ouija board! The MUFON minute segment touches on UK sightings and your Oddities this month shines light on one of Adolf Hitler’s true secrets.  Then we are joined by author and producer Mark Macnicol to talk about a variety of psychic, spiritual and spooky topics.  Currently he is working on a film called “The Dreaded Light” which could use your support and after hearing his story and seeing his passion, I am sure you all will visit his site and learn more about this film.


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Name drops

Ryan Williams and CEW

Bill Oberst Junior


A New Year means a New episode! We've got your paranormal news, MUFON minute and Oddities right here! Then we are joined by Clyde Riddlesbrood to talk about a plethora of paranormal experiences he and his touring theater troupe have come upon including shadow people in the audience and a haunted hat rack!

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A short and sweet bonus episode featuring me, Jonathan Mallard, and my little girl Faith Mallard. This was recorded live at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church’s annual fundraising event called The Holly Tea. We read this poem in front of the crowd and it has a wonderful message for all those celebrating Christmas this year: HAVE FAITH

December 1, 2016

A Very Hairy Squatchmas 2016

You're invited to attend "A Very hairy Squatchmas 2016"! Once a year The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast goes Squatchin' and celebrates the legendary Bigfoot phenomena! Christmas inspired paranormal news, MUFON minute and Oddities are waiting for you to tear open and hopefully not return for something else! Then, beyond the edge radio's own Eric Altman makes this a true Sasquatch lovin sequel with his second appearance on the show. His level head and sound advice are a great gift for any would-be Yeti hunter. Following him, Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke from Saswhat: A Podcast About Bigfoot join me to share their passion and love for all things Sasquatch. It's a candid look into their projects and insightful to hear their take on what might be roaming the woods. 

Give the gift of this podcast to anybody who loves the holiday season and the paranormal!

Special thanks to our sponsor Donuts and Dragons Board Game Cafe

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November 1, 2016

Angels Among Us

Your Halloween hangover cure is right here! All new Paranormal News, MUFON Minute and Oddities. Then, we are joined by Joseph Holmes who takes us on an angelic journey from the depths of despair to loving ourselves wealthy with the power of Angels. This Conversation is very refreshing after a month of ghosts, ghouls and goblins. Are Angels among us? Enjoy the show!


Name Drops this show: The Mic Spot, HITS FM, Laura Gilbert, Sci-Fi on the Rock, Admiralty House Communications Museum, Jim Malliard (Malliard report).


Be a better ghost hunter! Be a better investigator! Be a better researcher with 101 Ghost Hunting Hacks!

The final 51 are right here for you as a special bonus episode of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. 
It has been heartwarming to see the amount of likes,sharing, comments and joy the first installment brought. I am hoping these last 51 hacks help you immensely in the field. I cannot be by your side, but at least I can be there in spirit...hehehehe...see what I did there?
I Love you all,

Be a better ghost hunter! Be a better investigator! Be a better researcher with 101 Ghost Hunting Hacks!

The first 50 are right here for you as a special bonus episode of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. 

Special shout out to Melissa Martin Ellis, Deepak Chopra and Leonard Melodinow. You have all played an indirect part in shaping who I am and why I do what I do.
A completely different take on The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has slithered its way here! The Halloween season is kicked off with these epic tales recorded live from Sci-Fi On the Rock. Call in a priest and bust out the holy water, because these stories just might possess you to listen, share, like and subscribe!
Have a great Halloween!
September 1, 2016

Mediumship with Lori Kalfayan

It's a September to remember with a brand new installment of The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast!
Get this months paranormal news, MUFON minute and Oddities right here! Then I am joined by Medium Lori Kalfayan for an in depth look into her life as a practicing medium. All the tough question get asked in this candid interview that will open your eyes, mind and maybe even a chakra or two. 

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Happy August!

Paranormal news, the MUFON minute and Oddities await you, Then, I am joined by Dale Jarvis to talk everything spooky about Old St.John's, his haunted hike and ghosts of signal hill. Such a great show that I would appreciate you guys and gals sharing around!  Thank you and enjoy!

Visit for more info about Dale and his many paranormal and folklore projects here in Newfoundland.

Happy 2 year Anniversary! Happy Canada day!

The Odd to Newfoundland paranormal podcast is back with paranormal news, the MUFON minute and oddities. Then, we are joined by an Emmy Award-winning actor known for playing dark, conflicted characters on the screen and interpreting Ray Bradbury, the Bible and American history on stage. He’s been seen in many movies and TV shows, most notoriously though is his role of Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln vs The Zombies. But, his movie accolades are not what is discussed during the interview. With his never before heard haunted history and love for the paranormal finally revealed, I am proud to bring you a candid and intimate interview with Bill Oberst Jr.

Learn more about Bill’s award winning work here:

Shout outs:

Steve Lake @Whostorian

Avalon expo


The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast has landed! The paranormalnews features robots with feelings, a real life mutant “X-Men”, a “hauntedchimney” and the lost tomb of Aeristotle. The MUFON minute digs into HilaryClinton and her link to the UFO enigma. We have ten true, but unbelievablefacts about our world around us with this month’s Oddities. Then, I am joined by ProfessorJ. Scott Kenney to talk about his new book Brought To Light: ContemporaryFreemasonry, Meaning and Society. We delve into the symbolism and interestingfacts about the world’s best known “secret society”. We also talk about thehaunted Masonic Temple in St. John’s as well as the paranormal connection tothe masons. Don’t miss out on this month’s show!

Purchase the book here:


Sci-Fi On the Rock

Masonic Temple


The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast takes a walk on the positive side! We ditch the doom and gloom, for a brighter show with funny paranormal news, a new segment called the MUFON minute with Laura Gilbert and of course Oddities:10 true but unbelievable facts about our world around us. Then, I am joined by best selling author Patricia Leblanc for a dose of paranormal positivity that will challenge you not only personally, but spiritually as well. Positive affirmations, reiki and connections between positive vibes and the spirit world are all discussed. We touch on some very heavy subjects and lightened each one, just for you guys!. Enjoy the show and please share it with somebody who might be having a bad day/week/month or year! for more info about Patricia and her book
Special shout out to Kat Ward and our friends at Paranormal Heart

April 1, 2016

Astral Projection

After I announce my “retirement” from podcasting, we talk about some current paranormal news like self washing clothes and plastic eating bacteria. Then, we ask ourselves: is Astral Projection truly a link between other worlds and beings? Garnet Schulhauser returns to the podcast to discuss that as well as his new book "Dance Of Heavenly Bliss". Don't miss out on this mind bending interview! to order your copy of "Dance Of Heavenly Bliss" and for more information about the author.

The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast is back!

Listen to the amazing Sci-Fi On The Rock 10 special right here:

In the paranormal news we have ghost babies, phantom taxi fares and a triceratops causing traffic jams. Then, after another Oddities segment, I am joined by M.U.F.O.N. member Laura Sweenbert (Gilbert). She stops by for an absorbing look into ufology abroad and here in Newfoundland as well. Finally, I am joined by fantasy author Christopher Walsh to talk about his book series the Gold and Steel Saga. Both of these provocative people will be featured at Sci-Fi On The Rock 10. For more information visit

Shout Outs: 
Keep fighting Jason Solomon! Beat it 1-2-3!!!
Thanks for the Jump Scare Michael McCulsky A.K.A Phat Apollo
Sci-Fi On the Rock 10 guests: Robert Picardo, Eugene Simon, J.M. Frey and Kirby Morrow!

Walter Brooks is a Shaman, author of the series The Life of Christos and has been off the paranormal radar for years by personal choice. In this rare and candid interview, we talk about his ability to control the weather, extraterrestrial communication and his run in with the legendary James Randi as he attempted to capture his prize. A fascinating start to your February! Click the link and enjoy the latest episode of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast!

Paranormal News, Oddities and so much more!


Happy New Year! Shake off the hangover with the paranormal news, a brand new segment called "Oddities" and a paranormal romp with Dave Scott from Spaced Out Radio. He blows the lid off something huge that will make any UFO enthusiast do a double take and shares his own personal encounters with the paranormal. Please like, share and tell a friend about The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast's first episode of 2016!

Shout outs:
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A Very Hairy Squatch-mass to you and yours! In the paranormal news we have the passing of the legendary Ron Hines, levitating cars, a nativity scene made of cheese and the worlds first freeze ray! Then, I am joined by Beyond the Edge radio's own Eric Altman to talk everything cryptozoology, about his own escapades as a Bigfoot researcher and what's next for him in the future. Guys, this show a tremendous way to sign off for 2015 and a wonderful way to say Happy Holidays!


November is here!

This podcast is a change of pace! No news and no special guest this month! Instead, a small excerpt from The Living Heritage Podcast featuring Carla Watson and Allyson Bennett talking about the haunted Admiralty House Museum. Then, the live reveal of the data collected during the charity ghost hunts that took place there, led by yours truly of the Life After Death Society.Tons of EVPs await you in this Halloween Hangover edition of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast!
Shout outs: 
Dale Jarvis
Carla Watson
Allyson Bennett

Happy Halloween!

In this episode, information about the "Spooktacular day at the Museum: Live Ghost Hunts" at Admiralty House Museum in aide of the Single Parents Association of Newfoundland is given. In the paranormal news we talk water on Mars, a living dinosaur snatching up kids and more people believe in aliens than ever before according to polls! Then, I am joined by Henry Crane to talk about haunted Bell Island. We talk about a whole host of local legends including the bizarre ghost of Dobbin's garden and the all powerful queen of the fairies!

Special shout outs:`
Carla Watson
Admiralty House Museum
Tourism Bell Island

In the news we have ghost planes in the UK, spaghetti monsters and NASA debunking killer asteroid claims. Then, I am joined by Halifax's own Fat Apollo to talk about his upcoming Atlanticon appearance and his own real life run in with a sea monster! Don't miss this folks!

Para-shout outs :
Jeff Keeping
Steve Lake
Sugah Confectionary
My wife Stephanie Walters(Tee-hee)

Happy August!

In the news we have the spiritually active Admiralty House Museum in Mt.Pearl Newfoundland(listen to some of what was captured by The Life After Death Society), sentient robots and killer snails! Then, I am Joined by East Coast Paranormal Researchers own Mick Doyle to talk about his paranormal experiences and methods of capturing spirits. You won't believe what they recorded in one of the same castles that Game of Thrones is shot in! Great show to brighten up your summer folks, enjoy it and leave some feedback!
Shout Outs:
Shannon Lush's Mom
Admiralty House Communications Museum
Carla Watson
John Riche
Mick Doyle and the E.C.P.R. team

Happy Anniversary! In the news we have a pyramid on Mars and gorilla love in Japan(we aren't monkeying around). Then I am joined by the ever insightful and inspiring Garnet Schulhauser, author of Dancing on a stamp and Dancing Forever with Spirit, who's life was forever changed when he came face to face with his spirit guide. Don't miss this amazing episode!

Check out Mr. Sculhauser's work here:

In the news we have the dark side of Disney, hover boards, spider rain and an update to a story we ran with last podcast. Then I am joined by Michael B The Game Genie, a very popular youtuber, to talk everything video games and some of his paranormal opinions. Warning, this episode contains Hat-Man!

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Special shout out this episode to my previous guest Dale Jarvis. Listen and find out why!

They are strong, beautiful, intelligent, motivated and love the paranormal! These are the women of the paranormal and this is a very special Mother's Day edition of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. In the paranormal news we have a lady who wants to give birth on mars, a grandma who is having quintuplets and we also talk about the mother of all Newfoundland lore, the Old Hag! Then, I am joined by Melissa Martin Ellis to talk about "The Everything Ghost Hunting Book" and a very special paranormal encounter with her own late mother. Last, but certainly not least, Kat Ward from the Canadian Supernatural Research Society joins us to weigh in on some of the ghostly goings on in her life. 

I'd like to dedicate this episode to my mother Brenda Mallard and my wife, Stephanie Walters. Love you gals! to check out Melissa's projects to keep up with Kat Ward and their investigating crew

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