July 1, 2018

Episode 56: North American Bigfoot Researcher William Jevning


Celebrating 4 years of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast! This month's paranormal news has a Loch Ness monster video, a time traveler, a man who attended his own wake and a robot psychopath! This is followed by Oddities and a Bigfoot themed MUFON minute Laura to celebrate our very special guest, Bigfoot researcher William Jevning. With countless books, podcasts, radio interviews and even TV appearances, William is a seasoned veteran of almost 40 years when it comes to Bigfoot tracking and research. He has learned from some of the most prolific in the field and does not shy away from some of the hardest questions all people in the field have to face such as "where's the body?" To the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast, William Jevning is an authority on the subject of Sasquatch and a must listen for all fans of the show whether you are a Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti fan!


Check out his work here: http://williamjevning.com/about-william-jevning-and-the-hunt-for-bigfoot/

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